Breathe deep and don’t let the pollen get you down

Breathe deep and don’t let the pollen get you down

What is going on with all the allergies this year?  So many people who have never experienced seasonal allergies are finding themselves affected for the first time ever.  What starts off feeling like a tickle, quickly morphs into sniffles, sneezing, sinus congestion, watery eyes and headaches. Confronted with these symptoms on a daily basis is not only frustrating, but also absolutely debilitating. So what to do?

Many people use conventional antihistamine formulas like Claritin and Reaction. These drugs use ephedrine as their primary ingredient, a chemical that can produce side effects in some, and is contraindicated in populations on certain medications.

Luckily there are options. Homeopathy offers a number of choices; remedies that are either prophylactic or symptom reducing.  Equally effective are many nutritional supplements that combine herbs as well as vitamins. Some of the ingredients to look for are: quercitin with bromelain, lobelia, nettle, beta-sisterols, rosemary, basil and sage.  These ingredients help to promote a normal immune response to allergens, while modulating the body’s inflammatory response. The anti-oxidant activity combined with the antihistamine effect, ensures relief without the compromising side effects often associated with drugs.

So breathe deep, and smell the roses.

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