January 2014

The turn of the calendar always brings with it new hope, expectation and possibility. As if shedding a skin were possible, we put energy for a brief moment into our dreams of what “might be.” We reimagine the lives we wish to lead, and on occasion create a road map of how to get to that promised land. It would be glorious to have a magic wand to create that which we want in the blink of an eye but true change seems to require at times Herculean effort both mental and physical. No matter – embodying the mantra -” Be the change we want to see in the world” really does seem to create definitive and measurable change; change that can be seen and felt and ripples round and into all of our crevices and  sticky bits.

There is much talk about the law of attraction and for some, this seems just ” new age newspeak.” Recent studies have shown however, that we have ” mirror neurons” in our brains, that actually cause us to mimic the emotional state of the person we are observing.  This should give us pause to realize that our connectivity to each other is absolute; that we are beings who are influenced by that and those that we come into contact with. This ‘observer’ effect gives us clarity and choice. To see our dreams come true, to provide and nurture lives rich with meaning, it is necessary to surround ourselves with those who inspire and support.  When confronted with challenges and negativity, we can address the adversity, taking measures to prevent permeation.

So take heart; choose joy and let the great adventure begin.



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