August 2013

The gardens are full, the harvest awaits, it is time to reap what we have sown. I have been thinking about the garden analogy a lot lately. Tending our garden and our lives with mindfulness may actually slow our pace down just enough to allow us time to breathe and in doing so, allow us to grapple with the incredible challenges that come our way. I think that must be the tease, the enticement for gardeners – alone time to mess about and weed and uncomplicate, to create order out of chaos and to see divine creation at play.

Our lives are full and rich and often in need or nurture and tender loving care. How we face adversity seems to really be the the test for us as humans everyday. I do not believe there is one person on the planet who is not affected by stress. The cumulative effect of stress on our bodies, both mentally and physically is a growing concern for health care professionals. We need balance and are often the authors of our own fates, taking care of others before ourselves.

So… this month, this August, let us nurture our gardens. Let us take even 2 minutes out of our days to breathe and smell the flowers that bloom around us. Let us remind ourselves that kindness goes a far way in healing wounds. Let us weed and tend and reap… and enjoy the pick of our crop — let us harvest ourselves and take a moment for bliss.


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