Spring Awakening

Spring Awakening

March 2014

In like a lion, out like a lamb- or so the saying goes. Here’s hoping so. This winter has been a little rough on Canadians in our neck of the woods. Copious amounts of snow, bitterly cold temperatures and the ceaseless need to be prepared reminds me of adrenal fatigue. We have been in fight and flight for a wee bit too long. March,  the month of movement, just the sound of the word, inspires hope and breath and the chance of respite and new possibilities. The days will lengthen  and with that the light will begin to illuminate our lives and sweep away some of our dark and musty cobwebs. March reminds us that spring is upon us and with it, new beginnings. It is time to shake off our weary winter layers and re-imagine our lives, with clarity and boldness.

Spring fever seems to me the unleashing of passionate potential, held dormant and suspended in winter slumber. Hibernation ends and all the creative opportunities can be unleashed. The energy is transformative  and anything is possible.

This March, welcome the change, cleansing and feverish possibilities as catalysts to create the lives we wish to be living. Dream big,  laugh, love, embrace the flow, plant the seeds that will nurture your soul.

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