July, 2013

Summer has arrived in all its fullness, bringing with it opportunities to enjoy food fresh from our gardens.  In the all too brief summer months we try to capture every available bit of heat and sunshine and let is sink into our souls to inspire and nurture us after the long winter. Summer is the time to rejoice in water, to play, to jump in the lake, to submerge and feel the cool breezes that refresh and revitalize.  For so many of us in Muskoka, summer is a crazy time as well. It is our busy season and we prepare, and pray and thrive off of the chaos that transforms our towns with the arrival of so many returning cottagers.  I give thanks that we live in a community that is so vital and rich, it is a wonderful shift in energy where we spin and move at a different pace, which is invigorating.


Summer also brings challenges. The wet spring provided a perfect breeding ground for black flies and mosquitos this year.  Natural bug sprays and creams are a dire necessity.  And the sun can be fierce – make sure you check out the health rating of your sunscreen –ensuring it is safe not only for your body but for the environment as well. If you go on the web to the wonderful resource  you can put in the name of your sunscreen and see it’s safety rating.


Allergy sufferers have had a terrible time this year. Pollen has insinuated itself into all of our nooks and crannies.  In the face of this onslaught, we do have some wonderful tools at our disposal, both herbal and homeopathic.  Quercetin is a natural antihistamine and when taken daily can often just be enough to inhibit the terrible watery eyes, sniffles, sinusitis and headaches. There are a myriad of homeopathic combination remedies that are geared toward allergies as well, Pollenosi, Histaminum, to name a few.  Bell Lifestyles has a fantastic product called Allergy Relief, it  takes a few days to kick in, but once active in your system, it has inspired nothing but positive feedback.


Summer is fleeting. I need to remember amidst the craziness to allow it’s influence to be felt. To take the time to jump in the lake, go for a boat ride or walk barefoot in the sand. There is nothing more healing than taking the time to admire the sunset and to glory in a country night’s starscape.  Embrace your bliss this summer.


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