The ABCs of Immune Health

The ABCs of Immune Health

September 2013

September… it feels like renewal to me. Back to school for many, change of season, pace, a chance to breathe and choose fresh, to begin again, a spiritual new year. There is something exciting in a clean slate; we are offered the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to allow different facets of our personalities to regain balance. For those of us winding down from the extreme, frenzied pace of summer  in Muskoka, the season change is bittersweet. We all need a rest and a pause and a chance to usher in the autumn with grace and renewed strength. As the colours start to seep into the leaves of trees and transform our backdrop, we must take the time now to renew ourselves and harvest our resources.

With any change comes risk and reward. We want to make sure this year that we are strong and resilient and ready for all that life throws our way. Having a healthy immune system is one way to ensure this. So where to begin- there is a catalogue of choices to choose from in the way of immune enhancing nutritional supplements, herbs and vitamins. So let’s keep it simple.

For children in daycare: A probiotic daily – this will ensure they have some extra protection against the cacophony of shared yummy germs.

For back to school: Whether it be elementary, high school, university or college, a few basic supplements can protect your child and give them the best chance of staying strong and ready to learn. A green supplement all in one multivitamin in powder form that can be put into a morning smoothie or juice is the best way to start off the day right. All the basics are covered and you ensure that there are no nutritional gaps. If focus is an issue, make sure you add a fish oil supplement ( it can be tasty and hidden in the smoothie) that has a high level of DHA ( brain food) in it. Vitamin D is essential to maintain physical and emotional health with the changing seasons. There is also a fantastic supplement to really support the body called Deep Immune, it is especially useful for those who face more regular health challenges.

For all the rest of us: Greens, Vitamin D and Fish oil are the 3 basics for me. They will nurture the body and actually soothe the soul.

Stay healthy, embrace the change and have a wonderful September.

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